Project Details

Senior Management

Throughout his career Sava has held the senior management positions of Consultancy Manager, Divisional Director and Managing Director. He established and developed businesses both nationally and internationally, and managed them including:

  • Development and verification of methods, technologies and software;
  • The acquisition of specialty software, if necessary;
  • The preparation of marketing literature;
  • Cold calling to prospective customers;
  • Visits and presentations to prospective customers;
  • The preparation of bids for work;
  • Management of projects;
  • Financial management;
  • Site visits related to applications of the technologies he developed, presented, sold and managed;
  • Advertising for and employment of new personnel;
  • Company management;
  • Revenue and tax reporting to Government Authorities.

The company management included both permanent employees and contract personnel, the preparation of personnel contracts, personnel performance reviews, etc.

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