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Risks Associated with Exploration and Production of Shale Hydrocarbons

Sava carried out a review and provided comments on the Minerals and Waste Local Plan of a County Council. His work was specifically related to the exploitation of shale oil and gas and coal gas in the County and included the reviews of:

Planning, which is to be performed on a multi-facility and multi-discipline basis to ensure that effects of any activity are fully taken into consideration for the drilling and production operator and its personnel, general public, infrastructure and environment throughout exploration, well appraisal, production, decommissioning and abandonment.

Risk Management, whereby operators should carry out risk assessments for all hazards covering,-

  • Safety of operator’s personnel and contractors involved in the exploration, appraisal, production, decommissioning and abandonment;
  • Damage to the environment;
  • Threats to the general public;
  • Damage to the infrastructure.

Environmental Risk Assessment prepared by an exploration drilling/production company of the drilling/production site comprising:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing, whereby these operations may have damaging effects such as contamination of ground and surface water, and earthquakes.
  • Well Appraisal, where the method used elsewhere in the World may have only limited application in the United Kingdom.
  • Well Integrity and the function of independent well examiner.
  • Well Monitoring and Onsite Inspections, whereby potential contaminants in ground and surface water, potential leakages of emissions to the atmosphere and seismicity should be all monitored before, during and after shale oil and gas and coal gas operations, and abandoned wells should be monitored.

This included the adverse experience from exploration drilling and production which resulted in the pollution of ground water and earthquakes caused by hydraulic fracturing.

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