Project Details

Fire Protection Optimisation

Sava was retained by an Operator of a new production Facility to optimise fire protection coatings on supports of more than fifty process columns and vessels on the Facility. His work resulted in multi-million US$ savings and improved safety.

A consultancy company on this project originally determined fire protection coatings which were to be installed on skirts and saddles of process columns and vessels. Sava was brought into the project as a Senior Principal Engineer. Sava reviewed the fire protection by carrying out a verified analysis of the actual response and performance of the Facility and its personnel in the event of fire and came to the conclusion that the coatings were unnecessary. He reported to the Facility’s Operator that the coatings did not need to be installed and proposed a change of the problem-specific safety philosophy from prescriptive to risk-based. A collective ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable (risk)) Workshop was then called, with participation and representation of the Government, Regulatory Body, Certifying Authority, the reservoir owner, the Facility operator and Sava. The Workshop participants collectively walked through the Facility’s 3D computer model and re-reviewed the requirement for the coatings based on Sava’s work. The Workshop concluded and the participants all agreed that the coatings were required only on three out of the fifty+ skirts and saddles. This work resulted in a cost-reduction of more than USD $3 million (in today's currency) and improved technical and personnel safety. Sava was highly commended for finding the solution for a problem which otherwise would have been very costly and would have resulted in the late delivery of the produced hydrocarbons.

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