Project Details

Installations in Arctic Environments

Steel gravity production platform in the Arctic.

Steel gravity production platform in the Arctic.

Sava worked as a project HSE Manager on the development of steel gravity platform located in the arctic ice environment. He prepared the Project Risk Criteria, supervised all technical safety activities and contributed at a senior technical level to:

  • The hazard identification (HAZID) study;
  • Assessments of fire and explosion risks;
  • Emergency systems survivability analysis;
  • Process reliability and availability studies;
  • Smoke and gas ingress analysis;
  • Environmental impact assessment; and
  • Escape, evacuation and rescue analysis.

Sava also worked on detailed reviews of capabilities, parameters and performance of amphibious evacuation crafts, Arktos and Impulse, for arctic conditions and attended their site trials. He also facilitated and chaired a number of Risk Assessment Workshops.

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